Lady Magistrate Xie Yao Huan [4 Aug, Saturday]



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In pursuance of CTC’s vision of “Developing Tomorrow’s Chinese Opera”, CTC, in collaboration with the China Guangzhou Hong Dow Cantonese Opera Troupe and Kreta Ayer Community Club, will present Singapore Cantonese Opera Festival from 29 July – 5 August 2018 at the Chinese Opera Teahouse and Drama Centre.

The objectives are firstly, to present quality Cantonese Opera performances to the Singapore audience; secondly, to enhance appreciation of the aesthetics of Cantonese Opera; thirdly, to generate greater interest in Chinese Opera and stimulate enthusiasm to develop Chinese Opera; fourthly, to provide opportunities for Chinese Opera groups in general, and Cantonese Opera groups in particular, to interact with foreign artists from China; and fifthly, to demonstrate CTC’s effort in innovating and making Chinese Opera relevant in our society.

As a prelude to the Festival, CTC will hold a talk conducted by homegrown playwright Leslie Wong, at the Chinese Opera Teahouse on Sunday 29 July 2018 at 2.00 pm about the Festival as well as share with the audience the skills required in writing Chinese Opera and how to appreciate good Chinese Opera scripts, using his latest creative work “Lady Magistrate Xie Yao Huan” as an example.

Opening the Festival on 3 August 2018 will be a full length Cantonese Opera “Lin Chong” edited by Joanna Wong from both Beijing and Cantonese Opera scripts The opera tells the story of Lin Chong, one of the 108 heroes mentioned in the Chinese Classic novel “The Water Margin”, and features CTC’s upcoming artist Ian Kwok (an engineer of SMRT and groomed by Joanna Wong) as Lin Chong, a demanding role that requires exceptional stage martial art skills.

4 August 2018 will be a creative full-length opera “The Lady Magistrate Xie Yao Huan” written by Leslie Wong about an intriguing episode of administration of criminal justice during the reign of Woman Emperor Wu Ze Tian in the Tang Dynasty. Directed by Joanna Wong, the opera features See Too Hoi Siang, CTC’s lead actress who has won both “The Outstanding Young Person In Singapore Award” and “The Outstanding Young Person In The World Award” in succession for cultural achievement, and Frances Wong Kum Yeng, a bank officer. The opera also showcases innovation of opera percussion music as well as singing. This opera was staged last year; however, after receiving some feedback from the audience, Leslie Wong rewrote part of the script to make the plot of the story more exciting and convincing. This time, there is a change of artists in the supporting cast.

The third performance on 5 August 2018 entitled “Cantonese Opera Spectacular” comprises opera excerpts featuring upcoming talents nurtured by Joanna Wong and See Too Hoi Siang, China artists, as well as local veteran artists. The programme features Wong Kwok Onn and May Ho in “A Parting Song of Love”, Gary Ong in “The Spirit Temptress Nie Xiao Qian”, Chan Mei Leng and Lo Siu Ling in “Mistaken Impression”, Ang Cheng Hong in “The Butterfly Lovers”, Eunice Mak in “The Witty Matchmaker”. Veteran artist Nancy Li will display her martial art skills in “Women Warriors of The Yang Family”.

Making heads turn for the”Cantonese Opera Spectacular” will probably be two excerpts performed by four new talents currently attending See Too Hoi Siang’s Opera classes at Kreta Ayer Community Club, among whom is a unique young Indian lady named Aiman Khan who will be performing the famous Cantonese Opera excerpt “The Patriotic Princess” with her classmate Joseph Hui Kim Sung. Another pair of new talents are Chan Miao Ying partnering Hong Shu Hui in the popular excerpt “Picking The Jade Bracelet”. The Festival involves 100 artists, musicians, and participants. Surtitles in Chinese and English will be used for all performances.Leslie Wong will conduct a talk at the Kreta Ayer CC on 18 June 2017 at 2.00pm as a prelude to the Festival.

Tickets are priced at $50, $30, $20, & $10 for performances and Admission Charge of $10.00 flat rate for the talk are available online through ticketing agent Botempus and Chinese Opera Teahouse at 5 Smith Street in Chinatown. Senior citizens, students and members of PAssion Card are entitled to 20% discount.

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Sat Aug 4, 2018
7:30 PM - 10:30 PM SGT
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